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The Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit

Connects Alberta or Northwest Territories based researchers, and SPOR Networks with services, expertise and resources to help them accelerate their patient-oriented projects;

AbSPORU Services and Resources

They include a variety of services ranging from reviewing your application, assisting you to engage patients and families in your research, helping you understand data sources available to answer your question and offering advice on translating your findings into practice.

To learn more about health data in Alberta, watch our Introductory Data Series here.

Who is eligible for AbSPORU services and resources?

Researchers who want to:

  • learn or request assistance on including patients and patient partners in their research, or
  • enhance their patient-oriented research

Patients and patient partners who want to:

  • help researchers by becoming team members and/or partners with research teams, or
  • become involved in research studies.

The research must:

  • be conducted in Alberta or the Northwest Territories and seek to impact patients and/or the healthcare system.
  • have a patient-oriented focus, which AbSPORU can help researchers identify.

Review our service descriptions and request a service or letter of support by completing the forms below:

  • Service Descriptions– people with expertise in many research service areas are available to assist in your Patient-Oriented Research.
  • Service Application – complete the application form to access services. Ensure all mandatory fields are complete to avoid delay.
  • Letter of Support – can be provided to confirm the feasibility of a planned project and included with a grant application.  This usually occurs after AbSPORU has been involved in one of the services listed above.

Questions? Contact AbSPORU at