Developing a skilled clinical trials workforce in Patient-Oriented Research: impact of an innovative training approach

King Rosario M, Hebert M, Hill MD, Eurich D, Boesen ME

Educ Res Appl: ERCA-155. DOI: 10.29011/2575-7032/100055 August 2018

A blended learning program to develop research capacity in the clinical trials workforce was developed to advance knowledge and skills, provide practical applications, and integrate patient-oriented research into clinical trials. An advisory committee of multidisciplinary stakeholders informed the design, resulting in an 18-week, 56-hour accredited program. The initial program was implemented in January 2017, with evaluation conducted through online surveys following each module, followed by semi-structured interviews at 4-6 months post program completion. Early impacts included increased knowledge, confidence, and efficiencies; changes in personal perspectives and attitudes; and amendments to studies already underway in learner’s work environments.

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