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The Patient-Oriented Research Training Program provides participants with a foundational understanding of Patient-Oriented Research (POR). It is intended to help equip research team members with the skills and knowledge necessary to engage meaningfully in projects that involve a POR approach.

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Writing Research in Plain English

Mari Boesen discusses the importance of communicating in plain language and tips for how to write research in lay language. (Resources include both a recording and worksheet.) Recorded – September 2018 Level – Foundational Writing Research in Plain English (Recording) Writing Research in Plain English (Worksheet) […]

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Patient-Oriented Research Strategies for Clinical Trials

Mari Boesen discusses where and when to capture patient needs, goals and preferences in clinical trials. Includes 4 separate chapter recordings. Recorded – August 2019 Level: Foundational POR Strategies for Clinical Trials Patients as Stakeholders in Clinical Trials Patients & Pre-Trial Activities Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials Patients and the Real-World Market […]

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An Introduction to Economic Evaluation (Part 2)

Robin Lau takes you through the seven steps for completing an economic evaluation: 1. Define the decision problem; 2. Identify, measure and value the resource use of each alternative; 3. Consider perspective, time horizon and other relevant alternatives; 4. Identify, measure and value the consequences of each alternative; 5. Integrate evidence and values; 6. Explore […]

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An Introduction to Economic Evaluation (Part 1)

Robin Lau presents the first of three lectures on types of economic evaluation. He reviews the rationale for and characteristics of economic evaluations, including different types, methods used and major considerations as well as strengths and weaknesses. Recorded Jul 2019 Level: Advanced An Introduction to Economic Evaluation – Part 1 […]

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Decision Analysis for Healthcare

Robin Lau introduces Decision Analysis as the third type of economic evaluation. The session objectives are to: 1. formulate a decision analysis problem by specifying the objective to be achieved, relevant variables and uncertainties; 2. apply decision analysis methods for clinical decision making to health care strategies and public health policies; 3. understand the basic […]

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Pragmatism in Clinical Trials

Dr. Lawrence Richer discusses how to incorporate pragmatism in clinical trials, as well as an overview of the PRECIS-2 tool Recorded Webinar – Aug 2019 Level: Foundational Pragmatism in Clinical Trials […]

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An Introduction to Pragmatic Clinical Trials

Robin Lau describes the rationale and characteristics of pragmatic clinical trials. He compares pragmatic and explanatory clinical trials including goals, methods, stakeholders and how to measure pragmatism. Recorded May 2019 Level: Intermediate  Learn more about An Introduction to Pragmatic Clinical Trials […]

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Foundations in Patient-Oriented Research

Dr. Diane Aubin (Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit) provides a brief introduction to patient-oriented research, including the AbSPORU definition of POR, who is included in the term “patient,” and an overview of the range of patient engagement. Recorded – March 2019 Level: Foundational Foundations in Patient-Oriented Research […]

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