Connect Care From the Patients’ Perspective

Speakers: Connie Stuhl, Lona Leiren, Jennifer Rees, Barb Kathol, Kim Kisko Description: This presentation explores Connect Care from the patient perspective. Patients hear a lot about Connect Care, but may not understand its processes and how it has been developed and why. The presenters provide a “lay” background on Connect Care and its implementation in […]

Storytelling for Policy & Health System Impact

Presenter: Rani Sanderson (StoryCentre Canada Description: There is a definite buzz around storytelling these days, and there is such huge potential to harness the power in personal narratives for positive change. Storytelling is a great way to explore a wide diversity of experiences, bring awareness to issues through personal reflection and connect people through […]

Wabishki Bizhiko Skaanj Learning Pathway

Speakers: (CAN-Solve CKD Network:) Helen Robinson-Setee, Arlene Desjarlais, Catherine Turner, Craig Setee; (Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research:) Dr. Malcolm King Description: “Wabishki Bizhiko Skaanj (wah-bish-kih biish-ih-goo skaa-nch) is a learning pathway that aims to enhance researchers’ knowledge and awareness of racial biases, Indigenous voices and stories, the impact of colonization on Indigenous health, and culturally […]

Cirrhosis Care Alberta

Presenter: Dr. Puneeta Tandon Description: Cirrhosis Care Alberta (CCAB) is a 3-year multi-component system-wide quality improvement program which aims to improve quality of care, reduce acute care utilization and meet the needs of both patients and providers throughout Alberta. Instead of addressing just a single contributor to acute care utilization, this ambitious intervention will be […]

The Physician Builder Program: Making Connect Care Work for You

Presenter: Dr. Eddy Lang Guest Speakers: Dr. Neesh Pannu, Pavel Medvedev, Dr. Vince DiNinno, Dr. Trina Johnson Description: Connect Care encourages advanced customization to meet unique needs through what is called the “Physician Builder Program.” In this presentation the speakers explain how this works, and also talk about other Connect Care initiatives that have the […]

United Voices: A Community Response to Address Immigrant Youth Mental Health

Speakers: Fiona Hayes, Hanne Brahim, Kayla Lis, Hyder Hassen, Brian Steele, Tiffany Barbosa Description: In 2019, a nine-year old Syrian refugee died by suicide in Calgary, Alberta. Community partners recognized the need to address youth mental health specifically in immigrant communities. While there has been an increasing focus on mental health promotion in youth and […]

Storytelling for Impact: Focusing on Moments of Care

Speakers: Leah Getchell, Arlene Desjarlais, Marian Reich Description: The Can-SOLVE CKD Network has adapted a storytelling framework to support patient partners (Patients, Family/Caregivers & Kidney Donors) in sharing their lived experience within the renal healthcare & research communities. This presentation provides context to the development of the online workshop series, reviews the learning elements and […]

Integrated Supportive Care Initiative – Creating “One: CarePath” to integrate supportive care for patients with complex chronic care needs

Speaker: Dr. Sara Davison Description: Primary care physicians, specialists, and patients often do not have the right supports and tools at their fingertips to optimize the approach to chronic, complex care. Patients with advanced stage diseases have high rates of hospitalization and aggressive use of treatments, often with limited benefit and insufficient input from patients, […]

Two-Eyed Seeing: Considerations in the Health-care Setting

Speakers: Kendra Deveau and Simon Ross, Alberta Health Services Indigenous Health Program Description: Two-eyed seeing principle is the concept which embraces the contributions of both Indigenous knowledge and “ways of knowing” and Western (world views) to bring equity to Indigenous populations accessing the healthcare system. Two-eyed seeing is the Guiding Principle by Mi’kmaw Elder Albert […]

Health Economics 101: Everyone is an Economist, They Just Don’t Know It!

Speaker: Dr. Jeff Round, Institute of Health Economics Description: In this presentation, the speaker seeks to enhance participants’ understanding of the fundamental concepts of economics and the rationales that guide their use in health care resource allocation decision making. The aim is to illustrate how the principles of economics go beyond just the price of […]