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Sharing resources among stakeholders interested in patient-oriented research is critical to building capacity as well as increasing the quality and quantity of POR. Resources from all 4 focus areas are listed here. You can browse the listing, then sort them by year or alphabetically and categories if you wish.

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Wabishki Bizhiko Skaanj Learning Pathway

Speakers: (CAN-Solve CKD Network:) Helen Robinson-Setee, Arlene Desjarlais, Catherine Turner, Craig Setee; (Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research:) Dr. Malcolm King Description: “Wabishki Bizhiko Skaanj (wah-bish-kih biish-ih-goo skaa-nch) is a learning […]

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Cirrhosis Care Alberta

Presenter: Dr. Puneeta Tandon Description: Cirrhosis Care Alberta (CCAB) is a 3-year multi-component system-wide quality improvement program which aims to improve quality of care, reduce acute care utilization and meet […]

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