United Voices: A Community Response to Address Immigrant Youth Mental Health

Speakers: Fiona Hayes, Hanne Brahim, Kayla Lis, Hyder Hassen, Brian Steele, Tiffany Barbosa

Description: In 2019, a nine-year old Syrian refugee died by suicide in Calgary, Alberta. Community partners recognized the need to address youth mental health specifically in immigrant communities. While there has been an increasing focus on mental health promotion in youth and adolescents, less attention has been paid to the specific experiences and needs of youth in immigrant communities. The United Voices Committee was formed to address this issue. In this presentation, the speakers present a case study in building partnerships with communities to facilitate research driven by what matters most to them, and discuss the formation and activities of the United Voices Committee, the United Voices Summits, our community partnerships, and an ongoing priority-setting partnership project.

*Recording form the AbSPORU Virtual Institute 2020

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