Patient Engagement

The Patient Engagement (PE) Team provides ongoing support to patient partners, researchers and community organizations to identify research priorities and to collaborate, in active and meaningful ways, on health research studies.

Enhancing collaboration and capacity of all health research team partners contributes to advancing the science and practice of patient engagement.

Patient Engagement aims to:

  • Engage individuals with lived experience of a health issue – either their own, or as a caregiver, family member or friend, in the health research that impacts them;
  • Match patients with lived experience as active and equal partners on health research teams; and
  • Support patient partners at all phases of the health research process.

Come learn with us

Who is a Patient?

Patient Engagement Monthly Journal Clubs

Albertans4HealthResearch Collaborative Council

Approximately 40 individuals bring together the perspectives of patients, caregivers, researchers, patient and community organizations and other valued members to inform and advise on the activities, events and work of the Patient Engagement Platform.

PE Podcasts (PEP Talks)