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KT Alberta is a virtual resource space for people working in health-related knowledge translation, providing support to the research community through a bi-weekly newsletter of events, blog postings, and recorded webinars. We use the term “KT” to include knowledge translation, knowledge synthesis, and implementation science.

What is Knowledge Translation?

Knowledge Translation (KT) transforms evidence into active practice. KT is a series of activities ranging from collecting, collating, and making sense of evidence, to dissemination of knowledge, to application and use.

Knowledge Translation Practice

Knowledge translation is a practice that spans across sectors and disciplines. It includes academic and community-based researchers, healthcare practitioners, patients, and policymakers. Our point is that KT is a broad and multidisciplinary field. There is no single definition of KT practice, and no single group of KT practitioners.

Knowledge Translation Research

Knowledge translation research topics range from information design, to meta-analysis, communications to evaluation. Of particular interest are ways in which KT research can build engagement with patient voices and communities.

On this page you will find a collection of newsletters, blog posts, and webinars useful to KT research and practice in the health sector.


The KT Alberta Newsletter is sent out every two weeks and keeps subscribers updated with KT-related happenings and opportunities in Alberta, across the country, and internationally.


A collection of blog posts prepared by AbSPORU and KT Alberta community members. Posts highlight KT methods and approaches and profile interesting KT projects completed in Alberta.

Sep 10, 2020
Engagement in KT When You Cannot Get Together
Written by: Anna Noga and Stephanie Brooks
Aug 12, 2020
Using Social Media as a KT Tool
Written by: Anna Noga
Jun 23, 2020
Can Knowledge Translation Training Really Change Workplace Practices?
Written by: Morgan Potter, Stephanie Brooks, & Anna Noga
Jun 8, 2020
Are you Ready to Talk to a Government-Level Policy-Maker?
Written by: Anna Noga
Apr 8, 2020
Engage Your Inner Hollywood and Make a Video Abstract
Written by: Anna Noga
Mar 13, 2020
Stephanie Dalmer on Using Graphic Novels in KT
Written by: Anna Noga and Stephanie Brooks
Feb 12, 2020
Using Graphic Narratives to Communicate to Your Research Community
Written by: Anna Noga, Candace Ramjohn, Stephanie Brooks
Jan 20, 2020
Using Graphic Stories in KT
Written by: Anna Noga and Stephanie Brooks
Nov 25, 2019
How Implementation Science Labs Contribute to Learning Health Systems
Written by: Stephanie Brooks
Nov 12, 2019
How are IS Labs any different from high-quality implementation science projects already underway?
Written by: Stephanie Brooks
Sep 16, 2019
The Power of Stakeholder Engagement: Improving Patient Supports through Stakeholder Collaboration
Written by: Stephanie Brooks and Sabella Yussuf-Homenauth
Sep 3, 2019
What are Implementation Science Labs?
Written by: Stephanie Brooks
Jul 19, 2019
Lack of research OR lack of knowledge translation?
Written by: Meghan Sebastianski and Stephanie Brooks
Jun 19, 2019
Bridging the Gap: Knowledge Synthesis in supporting evidence-informed decision-making
Written by: Stephanie Brooks and Sabella Yussuf-Homenauth
May 22, 2019
ConneKT with Osnat Wine, winner of this year’s NCCPH Graduate Student KT Award, to hear her perspective on embracing the interdisciplinary nature of KT
Written by: Stephanie Brooks and Anna Noga
Apr 12, 2019
Conferences Here, Conferences There: Choosing the right conferences to suit your capacity building needs
Written by: Anna Noga
Feb 1, 2019
Knowledge and Action: Bridging the Gap between Scientists and Policymakers
Written by: Sabella Homenauth
Jan 8, 2019
Are you creating an info-poster or an infographic? What are the differences?
Written by: Diane Christensen and edited by KT Alberta
Dec 6, 2018
University of Alberta’s recognition for the value of KT work in moving research evidence into the hands of clinicians and the public: Have you conneKTed with Dr. Lisa Hartling?
Written by: Sabella Yussuf-Homenauth
Nov 15, 2018
University of Alberta’s recognition for the value of KT work: Have you conneKTed with Dr. Shannon Scott?
Written by: Sabella Yussuf-Homenauth
Oct 30, 2018
Advancing Implementation Science in Alberta (AISA)
Written by: KT Alberta
Sep 28, 2018
Community of Practice: Pt 2
Written by: Sabella Homenauth
Sep 18, 2018
What is a Community of Practice? Pt 1
Written by: KT Alberta
Sep 18, 2018
Denise Thomson Discusses Founding KT Alberta
Written by: KT Alberta


A collection of webinars from the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit Learning Health System Team (formerly the AbSPORU KT Platform) and host of KT Alberta.

Social Media as a KT Tool
Speaker: Dr. David J. Phipps
Knowledge Synthesis as a KT Tool
Speakers: Dr. Lisa Hartling, Denise Thomson, and Michelle Foisy
Evaluating Research Impact: From General to Specific
Speakers: Dr. Anne Bergen and Elizabeth Shantz
Research-Practitioner Collaboration to Evaluation Knowledge into Practice
Speakers: Dr. Lisa Gurguis and Dr. Shao Lee
Research to Practice to Research – Using diverse knowledge translation methods to improving pain treatment during painful procedures for infants and children
Speakers: Dr. Denise Harrison
Mobilizing Knowledge to Improve Pediatric Health Care
Speakers: Dr. Shannon Scott and Dr. Lisa Hartling
Intellectual Property Essentials
Speaker: Joanne Preston
KT and Mental Health – Blending iKT and Community Based Research in the Mental Health Arena
Speaker: Dr. Erin Michalak
Implementing Cancer Survivorship Care Plans
Speaker: Dr. Sarah Birken
Improving Collaboration and Communication to be Influential in Translating your Knowledge
Speaker: Dr. Tamika Heiden
Realist Reviews: Looking Inside the Black Box
Speaker: Dr. Lori Wozney
KT Approaches in Patient-Oriented Research in Saskatchewan and Alberta
Speakers: Dr. Thomas Rotter and Dr. Shannon Scott
Introduction to Patient Engagement & Integrated Knowledge Translation
Speakers: Dr. Lisa Petermann & Diane Duncan
Introduction to Knowledge Translation
Presenter: Dr. Gabrielle Zimmermann
Introduction to Knowledge Translation Evaluation
Presenter: Dr. Anne Bergen
Introduction to Knowledge Synthesis
Presenter: Dr. Meghan Sebastianski


KT Alberta is hosted by the Learning Health System team of the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit. For more information, please contact: Stephanie Brooks

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