NEW! Online Service Request Form

Researchers can now request AbSPORU services and letters of support through our Microsoft-based web portal (hosted by Alberta Innovates).

It’s that easy! Once your application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with your application ID. Your application will be reviewed by the Case Manager and if approved for services, you will be contacted by a member of the AbSPORU team. This process usually takes 2-5 business days for services and up to 2 weeks for letters of support.

To learn more about all of the research services offered by AbSPORU click here.

Please note: the PDF application is no longer available. If you have started an application in the PDF form, please transfer your application into the new online portal.

- Frequently Asked Questions

No – We require users to have a Microsoft account in order to authenticate users, safeguard user data, and save application drafts and submissions over a period of time.

You can access your application an unlimited number of times while it is in draft status. Once you hit submit, you can no longer make changes to your application without submitting an amendment.

  • Your application can be viewed by the User (you) and the case manager.
  • If you have put different contact information in the Requester fields, that person will receive notifications but cannot access the application form.

Draft – Your application is a draft and can be accessed and changed at any time. Changes made to your application will be saved.

Help requested – If you submit a request for help, your application will be locked until the case manager has assisted you in resolving your issue.

Submitted – Your application has now been submitted and is awaiting review by the case manager.

Screened – Your application has been reviewed by the case manager and is ready for processing.

Completed – Your application is now complete and an AbSPORU team member will get in touch with you soon.

If you require assistance while completing your application, you may click the Request Help button and submit your question to the case manager. Submitting a help request will lock your application until the case manager has resolved your issue. Please note that you will not be able to continue with your application until your help request has been resolved. You cannot undo your help request once submitted.

  • If you require an amendment to your application after it has been submitted, you will need to submit an amendment request.
  • You may only amend while your application is in the submitted status.
  • Reasons you may require an amendment:
    • Change of name of project
    • Change contact people/information

You can print your application by printing from your browser. You can right click and hit print or hit CTRL + P, and print or save as a PDF.

You will be provided a reason for your application being rejected.

The Provincial Research and Innovation Directory is a voluntary tool to help build a directory of individuals with corresponding research interests. By choosing to be part of the directory, we may reach out to you if there is a sponsor looking for a specific researcher. We can connect individuals in a particular area together for discussion or in response to a request whether from the ACRC (Alberta Clinical Research Consortium) or government.