Implementation Science Collaborative

The Implementation Science Collaborative (ISC) is a partnership among health system, health policy, patient, and academic stakeholders to collaboratively support health system innovation initiatives through implementation science. What we do through the ISC enables collaborators to efficiently improve health care delivery, outcomes, and system sustainability using rigorous methods.

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How does the ISC work?

  • The ISC brings health system leaders together to identify implementation issues that slow innovation across the care continuum.
  • To help find solutions to these issues, we identify and support innovation projects that are well-suited to embed related implementation science questions and measures.
  • Over time we will synthesize results from projects supported by the ISC and disseminate the lessons learned to stakeholders and practitioners across the province.

ISC Support for Innovators

If your project is identified as well-suited to help solve a pressing implementation issue in Alberta’s health system, the ISC will collaborate with you to develop specific implementation science questions that benefit your innovation research and the system more broadly. You will also receive time with the ISC Scientific Advisory Board, a panel of expert implementation scientists, to discuss specific methods, study design possibilities, and potential standardized monitoring and evaluation measurements that will strengthen implementation components of your research.