“N of 2”: Transforming health systems through individual action

Presenter: Sue Robins

Description: Mother, wife, author and patient advocate Sue Robins shares her ‘why’ and her journey to rediscovering the impact she has as a patient-partner. This presentation includes a short reading by Sue from her book “Bird’s Eye View: Stories of a Life Lived in Health Care”, and will consider how: 1) System transformation starts with the individual – (we are all the system); 2) Simple actions lead to ripples of change, both at point of care and with patient engagement opportunities. Sue’s main message is about the power of stories, and how individual stories about relationships with other people (N=2) can motivate broader system change. Storytelling needs to come from both patients and researchers/clinicians. This presentation ends with a call-to-action for you to listen to understand an individual’s stories and consider sharing your own story to personalize your communication.

*Recording form the AbSPORU Virtual Institute 2020