Knowledge Translation (KT)

Knowledge translation is an important aspect of research and healthcare. The KT process includes people who use the research as well as connects people with health evidence and helps them use that evidence.

The Knowledge Translation Platform

  • Supports individuals and teams who work in patient-oriented research, including researchers, students, clinicians, implementation scientists, health-systems managers, and policy makers
  • Partners with experts in the health-care system
  • Provides training opportunities – Learn about building your KT knowledge and skills
  • Creates a space where people working in health-related knowledge translation in Alberta can connect- Learn more about KT Alberta

The KT Platform uses the ‘knowledge-to-action’ cycle to move knowledge created in patient-oriented research into clinical practice.

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Summary – Prepare evidence for use by different audiences. e.g. Write clinical guidelines, create health communications for the public

Knowledge Translation is the process of preparing evidence for use by different audiences. Planning and preparation of research findings can happen after a project is complete (end of grant knowledge translation) or concurrently with stakeholders as research is designed and conducted (integrated knowledge translation. Either way, it is important that the format and mode of delivery matches the needs of the end users so that they can use knowledge created through research.

Knowledge Translation Services

  • One-on-one consultations to help design your knowledge translation plan and prepare your findings in ways that stakeholders can use
  • Methodological advice and support for knowledge translation including end-user engagement, selection of appropriate KT strategies, product development, usability testing, and evaluation
  • Advice on developing an end-of-grant KT plan for your research or project
  • Help writing the KT section of your grant/reviewing grant proposals
  • Letters of support for grant applications


We offer webinars and ‘how-to’ workshops to support you in developing knowledge translation skills. Topics include integrated knowledge translation, user-centred design, usability testing, evaluation, and engagement, and methodology-specific guidance.

Summary – Plan, carry out and evaluate the implementation of new practices and health innovations. e.g. Change treatment delivery processes, star

Implementation science is the study of what works, for whom, when, why and how. This area of science focuses on how to move evidence into policy, process, or practice the right way so that patients have access to high-quality care.

Implementation Science, Research and Services

Planning, carrying out and evaluating the implementation of new practices and health innovations, e.g. changing treatment delivery processes, start using new technologies.

Implementation science refers to methods for influencing the uptake of research evidence and evidence-based practices. Implementation research considers the determinants, barriers and facilitators to uptake and may be an essential component of your knowledge translation plan. We can help you plan, carry out and evaluate implementation as part of your knowledge translation plan.

  • Implementation planning

Our team of experts can help you identify or develop appropriate implementation strategies and an implementation plan for your research. This includes identifying a problem or issue, determining what and who needs to change, and developing processes to achieve and measure the desired change. We can help you carry out your implementation plan, and develop a sustainability plan

  • Identifying determinants, barriers and facilitators

We can help you identify contextual and behavioural factors across multiple stakeholder contexts and levels that may hinder or help implementation of your intervention. We can help you develop strategies, techniques and tools for mediating barriers and leveraging facilitators to implementation.

  • Implementation evaluation

Our experts can help you identify appropriate evaluation metrics, tools and frameworks, and develop an evaluation strategy. This may include processes for measuring and implementing continuous improvement throughout your intervention. We can help you determine how to identify evidence of change in your evaluation data, and how to incorporate these outcomes in your knowledge translation plan.

  • Implementation scale, spread and sustainability

We can help you identify when your evaluation data is sufficient to support scale-up of your intervention. Our experts can advise on strategies and approaches that are appropriate for large-scale interventions; they can also help you adapt and apply your implementation and knowledge translation plans for scale, spread and sustainability.

  • Engaging stakeholders (other than patients) – KT/PE

We can assist you to:

  • determine who should be on your team and develop those partnerships;
  • identify stakeholders’ priorities and how these may be integrated into your research;
  • develop key messages for different stakeholder groups and evaluate the impact your research has for stakeholders.

Grant Review/Letters of Support for Grant Applications- CRS /Data /KT /Methods /PE

We offer advice for developing an integrated knowledge translation (iKT) proposal and end-of-grant (EoG) knowledge translation plan for your grant application. The AbSPORU team can review your grant and provide feedback. We can also provide a letter of support to include with your grant application, confirming the feasibility of your planned knowledge translation project.


We offer webinars and “how to” workshops to support you in developing skills to study and practice implementation. Topics include readiness assessment, identifying appropriate frameworks for implementation practice and evaluation, identification of facilitators and barriers, and sustainability planning.



To apply for KT services, the instructions and application form are available on the Service Application page. Questions? Please contact


I have done many knowledge syntheses projects prior to working with AbSPORU and without a doubt, I have never had such positive experiences – An empathetic thank you – what we have done will undoubtedly have direct impact on health outcomes and benefit patient care. 

- Knowledge Synthesis Client